Jquery, javascript and hacking your LinkedIn profile

Recently, I got frustrated at the multitude of requests I was receiving and decided that there much be a more efficient way. So a quick inspect element and a bit of console work later I grew my LinkedIn profile by 700 followers and went from top 30% to top 5% of profile views.

This is very simple and everyone can do this with a little and I mean less than a minutes worth of work every couple days.

  1. Go to Add Connections and click See all

  2. Scroll down until you have a few scrolls worth of users you “might” know.

  3. Open google console by using Right click > Inspect Element and then clicking on the Console tab.

  4. Type the following into the console and hit enter:


This will simulate a click on the Connect button for each user effectively saving your clicking hand and simultaneously connecting to hundreds of new users.

Just repeat this at least once a week and see your own profile soar to the top of views. Grow your network today with a little help from code.

Note: I haven’t read the LinkedIn terms of service so lets just say use this tip at your own risk

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