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Systems Administator, Designer and Developer
"Matt is one of those people you can count on to get things done, and to work hard for you, your team, and the company as a whole." - Kyle Gato

I’m a Linux System Administrator with a passion for automation and development. I currently work as a Technical Executive for an automation company. Here I will be trying to showcase some of my work while also transparently providing a overview of my progression with new languages and technology.

Currently I am working on learning C so I’m sure I’ll post some embarrassing code but I welcome all criticism and tips. Outside of that I’m a Father and Husband who loves to learn new things and take on different challenges.

Troubleshooting is something I live for and I’m pretty bored when I’m not fixing or researching a problem. I consistently attempt to improve myself in all areas of life; as a developer I study new languages and algorithms; as a tinkerer I constantly take apart anything and everything to see how it works; as a father I see how I can improve my son's life; as a husband I try and provide the best support for my family.

Improving myself has been a goal since I can remember. I am a dedicated and loyal worker with a can-do attitude, I pride myself on not being broken down by the negative nancies and vampires of our industry. I am a natural born leader, or so I'm told, people rally behind me and as a team we accomplish greatness.

  • Linux System Administration
  • Perl
  • Regular Expressions
  • Operations

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