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A mix of DevOps, Engineering and Automation
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At 11 I was reverse engineering websites and designing my own websites with notepad and legacies like FortuneCity, Angelfire and Geocities. I was working with early PHP and Perl by 12 and hacking together scripts to create solutions to 90's web problems.

I have been integrated fully in tech since elementary school and started professionally in the technology industry in my early 20's doing Linux Systems Administration; Naturally this led to a career in automation, development and a mix of "devops". I like to have my hand on every piece of a product being built from inception having had experience in "direct" sales (door to door) I honed my communication skillsets to complement my technical background.

Currently, I run the R&D team for a cloud company based in Austin doing everything I can to keep the lights on. In addition to this I have a few ventures in FinTech and HealthTech keeping me busy when I find the free time. I've written in PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Golang and Javascript yet find myself doing a lot of Python as of lately. My real passion is automation but I am a great team builder and can architect elegant solutions to most problems. With that said I use this blog to share insight to problems I face as well as introduce others to the tech world.

  • Linux System Administration
  • Perl
  • Regular Expressions
  • Operations

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